Body Ecology Life Sciences Attunement Center

The gift of nature's tool to promote self healing and care.

Helping the Cause

You may have heard of the law of growth and abundance known as tithing.It is suggested in many verses in the Bible as a means of planting seeds for future growth and abundance. Many may know this as a devout practice of church members.If your spiritual community is providing you with great sustenance for creative evolutionary growth.

I now introduce you to our body of creative, spiritual, evolutionary growth known as the Body Ecology Attunement Center and Reflective Gateways; our growing spa therapeutic community. I Artis E. Hinson, am the ordained spiritual leader of this community of which you are actively a part there of. I have put into practice 40 years of my work and spiritual research as this practice comes to you in the physical activity of the Body Ecology Healing Center, our spa healing community, Reflective Gateways; my book of spiritual enlightenment known as From Digma to Light and these two web sights that you navigated to allow you to receive this invitation to join our chain of abundance. This current web sight is the spiritual gift of Kenita (Seven Starlight) my wife and spiritual sister. You may have realized by now the value of these gifts of creativity.

If you deem that our gifts have become gifts to you growth in spirit and the creative material world, then you should support this mission through you tiths. I invite you to add value to your body of personal evolution that you actively increase your growth and that of your family and community through your supportive participation. When you know yourself as an active booster on this growth, you will more seriously live as a convicted  cocreator in the divine plan.

The body of God is not static as we are the physical creative evolutionary part of the God body sent here to spirit the creation of Love, Beauty, Wisdom and Joy upon this the Physical plane. That being which we call God is the force, the record and the desire of all creativity.But this God force and mind is existent on the spiritual, mental and creative bodies; which are not physical. The creatively physical gods on Earth are,people like you and me. Join us in active participation in creativity and monetary support. Your abundance will be glorified as mine has been, having given a third of my income over the past 18 years to this endeavor.

Mutually joining in creative evolutionary growth,


Artis E. Hinson

To contribute send donations via pay pal to [email protected]

or call for mailing address. 336.273.7406